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Foot-archer (Mesopotamiam 1st period, Soldiers. All three- Nimrfid)

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Dabābu anni

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Management destined to change

A must see. Why the developing world is building the highest buildings now days.

Their management have been forced to adapt to a business environment with exponential “world change” acceleration.


The Inbox is up-side-down!

Beeing somewhat of a GTD junkie I often read blogs about peoples ever-vigilant struggle to handle the constant and never ending stream of emails.

Most strategies of involve some clever scheme or combination of sorting, tagging, coloring or moving the little information boxes. These strategies can often be very successful, but often the disciples of the über-scheme sooner or later tend to fall of the wagon. This happens especially at times when the rate of emails reaches that invisible limit, that often can be recognized only by the sighting of users freezing and gorgonized trying to stare their inbox to death.

I find that the most email programs naturally induces this behavior by collectively having decided that the default setup of an inbox should be to sort mail by presenting the newest mail on top. This, in my opinion, faulty setup is the prime reason people hit the famous wall.

Lets ponder of this setup for a moment. It is true that it is up to the user to key/scroll down/forward and just ignore those new shining pieces of information that just sits there waiting to be opened. Somehow we have just imported the old paper inbox flaws electronically and still refuse to focus our attention at those tough strenuous tasks still buried deep. This setup in combination with our natural instinct of being curios, induces a behavior to unwillingly change our working process to LIFO. (“Last-In First-Out”).

I propose a very simple, but very effective measure of turning our inboxes up-side-down. Imagine what effect this possibility would have had in the paper-days inboxes if all incoming memos where placed at the bottom. Would not this naturally change the way we work with the tasks at hand?

This methods tends to do miracles for casual users, bussy office people and even for us GTD freaks with insane amount of inbox traffic. When the information load hits that invisible level, it does so out of view and at those daily and weekly reviews we can in a more focused way ponder on how we in the fastest way possible can get rid of them and yet again reach that zenlike feeling of having the golden zero mail inbox.

I dare you, do the click. 🙂


The classic Greek philosophers had a word for the process of self-actualizing and striving to reach your highest potential. They called it ‘Areté.’ (listen).

In fact, Areté was one of the most important values in classic Greek culture. Guys like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle tell us that the meaning of life is to live with happiness and that the way to achieve happiness is to live with Areté (aka excellence, striving to reach your highest potential).

Brian Johnsson distills the wisdom of our greatest teachers into a mind boggling website. Take a look at

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